Mike Who?

Hello, my name is Mike McArthur, and I am a Network Engineer in Jackson Mississippi. 

I have been fascinated with computers and communications since early childhood, when I discovered binary optical communications.  I would click the light switch. "On," I would say -- click -- "Off" -- click -- "On"  for (I am told) hours at a time.

Unfortunately I was too young and inexperienced to patent that idea.  All those companies making FDDI, SONET, and 10/100baseFX gear would have had to pay me for the neat-o modulation scheme I developed.

I also did ground-breaking research in voice communications,  I had my aunt hold her fingers over her telephone receiver to see if she could "feel the air" when I blew into the microphone on my telephone.

Later in life: I got a degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan Tech, had a brief but brilliant military career as an Army Signal Officer, and escaped into the real world where I have been doing really cool stuff for the last several years.

I have installed, configured, and troubleshooted routers, firewalls, switches, wireless access-points, hubs, modem banks, and token-ring and FDDI concentrators in factories and offices all over the U.S.  

I have been a backbone engineer for a major ISP with a globe-spanning network.

And I am currently employed as a Network Engineer for a large, high-tech company here in Jackson.  I am very well-paid for what I do, because my employer knows that I am very good at it. 

Unfortunately, not many other people here know that.  Word just doesn't get around as fast as it did when I was driving to auto plants and offices fixing stuff for customers (who were also potential employers).  And in today's Depres.... umm, I mean... "Above Average Economic Downturn" that could be a bad thing.

And that is why the purpose of this web page is to aggressively and shamelessly promote my skill, experience, education, modesty, and other super-human qualities.

I really don't want this to be my next career move.